Neighbors (2014)


Neighbors is a new Seth Rogen comedy where he plays a young new dad who moves into his dream home, only to have new next door neighbors – a wild fraternity.

To be fair, the trailer looks funny, and certainly gives a good idea of the type of shenanigans the film will provide. It actually looks really really funny. Good stuff.

So Seth plays Pete, a young, kinda boring new dad. His wife, Kelly (Rose Byrne), is a good match for him, in that she’s looking to settle down as well. When the jerk fraternity moves in next door they get the neighbors from hell. Zac Efron is Teddy, the wild, jerk party boy who throws loud parties and makes the new house for the new parents a horror show.

And I think Rose Byrne makes out with a chick at some point. SCORE!


Nicholas Stoller directed Neighbors. You’re likely best to know him as the director of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Get Him to the Greek and Fun with Dick and Jane. So some of his work is pretty funny.

The screenplay comes from Andrew Cohen and Brendan O’Brien. I believe they’ve both been working behind the scenes with the Judd Apatow group for quite a while now, and were able to worm their way into writing a film for Apatow regular Seth Rogen.


Neighbors Trailer

Neighbors Release Date

May 9, 2014.

Who’s In It?

Seth Rogen . . . Mac Radner 
Zac Efron . . . Teddy Sanders 
Rose Byrne . . . Kelly Radner 
Christopher Mintz-Plasse . . . Scoonie
Dave Franco . . . Pete
Jake Johnson

What’s Good About It?

The studio clearly has a lot of confidence in Neighbors. The film doesn’t come out until May, and there’s already a trailer. For a comedy that’s nearly unheard of. Outside of the mega sequels like The Hangover there are rarely comedies built up this far in advance, and it’s an early May release, so right at the start of the summer season. Rogen’s This is the End must have given him a lot of power.

What’s Bad About It?

I don’t really have anything bad to say about Neighbors at present. It looks decent.

Our Clever Prediction

Neighbors will likely rake in big bucks when it’s released next May. I would expect at least a $100 million box office, which would be a big profit on a comedy that likely wasn’t extraordinarily expensive to make. Here’s hoping it’s as funny as it looks.