Nature Calls (2012)

nature calls3

Nature Calls is a comedy about a scout troop led by two very different brothers. When their difference in opinion comes to a head, brother Randy takes the kids on a very different camping trip than originally intended.

I realize what that sounds like. It’s not a sex trip. Randy just thinks of the Boy Scouts as being about something pure and good. He wants his scouts to learn about the woods, camping, knots and what have you. His brother Kirk thinks the kids should just have a sleepover where they watch TV. Randy kidnaps the kids. Kirk comes after them. Hilarity, as usual, ensues.

Nature Calls

Nature Calls comes from writer/director Todd Rohal, and he doesn’t have a lot of experience, but one film from his past is called The Catechism Cataclysm. It was about a priest who dropped his Bible in a toilet and it unleashed demons from hell.

Like normal movies… Yeah.

Nature Calls Trailer

Nature Calls Release Date

November 9, 2012.


Who’s In It?

 Rob Riggle … Gentry
  Johnny Knoxville … Kirk
  Maura Tierney … Janine
  Patton Oswalt … Randy
  Patrice O’Neal … Mr. Caldwell
  Darrell Hammond … Ranger Deakins
  Kelly Coffield Park … Mrs. Hartnett
  Robert Longstreet … Drew Pritchard
  Eddie Rouse … Little Eddie
  Nilaja Sun … Moses Mother
  Regan Mizrahi … Kent
  Joshua Ormond … Leonard
  Santana Pruitt … Shane
  Adam Dorfman … Leachman
  Francisco Burgos … Tibbits
  Joseph Paul Kennedy … Gary
  Lisa Sample … Nun
  Eric Ruffin … Moses
  Ivan Dimitrov … Ivan
  Serenity Martorell … Tibbit’s Little Sister
  John Tobias … Stuart
  Thiecoura Cissoko … Dwande

What’s Good About It?

Nature Calls has a fantastic cast of underutilized comedic actors like Patton Oswalt and Rob Riggle, and the trailer looks funny and morally bankrupt. I approve.

What’s Bad About It?

There really aren’t any names in Nature Calls. Just a bunch of dudes you’ve seen around but mostly don’t know their names.

Our Clever Prediction

I don’t think Nature Calls will be a massive commercial success, but it has cult classic written all over it, and it might catch fire and be a bigger hit than expected. I hope so. I like these actors, and wish for them to become huge stars who tailspin into depression and drug use. I’m a monster.

Thanks Fucker!