National Lampoons Vacation (2015)


National Lampoons Vacation  is coming in 2015, and it has a whole new cast, and a few cameos that you would expect.  The new Vacation movie is a reboot of the original, and actually sounds pretty decent considering what it has to work with. The new Vacation Movie is coming in July 2015 and will star Ed Helms, and feature a new set of problems for the Griswald family. Judging by the promo image we got, it looks like Chase and D’Angelo are back for the reboot, but probably in a cameo role.

New Vacation Movie 2015
New Vacation Movie 215

Vacation 2015

The premise hasn’t changed, as Ed Helms takes his family on a family road trip. Expect cameos from Chase and D’Angelo as well. Expect Helms to be chasing a gorgeous women around the highway.

National Lampoons Vacation Release Date

The new Vacation Movie has hit a few bumps in the road, the major one being a fight with the MPAA. They can’t agree on the rating Vacation should get, so they are currently putting the movie on hold. That’s right. A bunch of people who you wouldn’t like in real life, are telling the studios what the movie has to ‘rate’ the movie, based on their thoughts.. and their thoughts only. Its an absolute joke how the MPAA works, and often movies are ditched because of it. All is not lost, but it looks like it is hitting theaters July 2015!

Who’s In It?

In this reboot of Vacation, Ed Helms and  Christina Applegate are playing the role of the Griswalds. No casting news on the kids yet.


Here’s the official Trailer for Vacation, FINALLY!

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