Much Ado About Nothing (2012)


Much Ado About Nothing is a modern retelling of the classic play by Shakespeare about two couples and their different ideas about love.

This particular version of Much Ado About Nothing was shot in black in white, on location, in just 12 days. Normally I’d say that seems like it’s too fast to do a good job, but it is a play, so it’s normally supposed to take a few hours to perfectly nail the story.

I’m not going to tell you the story, because it’s pretty well known, and if you don’t know it, be ashamed. Be very ashamed.

Much Ado About Nothing

Joss Whedon wrote the screenplay and directed Much Ado About Nothing. Not sure how much he changed the lines from the play, but I’d bet for the most part he was very faithful to the original.

Much Ado About Nothing Trailer

Release Date

June 7, 2013


Who’s In It?

 Nathan Fillion … Dogberry
  Ashley Johnson … Margaret
  Amy Acker … Beatrice
  Clark Gregg … Leonato
  Alexis Denisof … Benedick
  Sean Maher … Don John
  Riki Lindhome … Conrade
  Spencer Treat Clark … Borachio
  Fran Kranz … Claudio
  Tom Lenk … Verges
  Reed Diamond … Don Pedro
  Romy Rosemont … The Sexton
  Brian McElhaney … Second Watchman
  Nick Kocher … First Watchman
  Emma Bates … Ursula
  Jillian Morgese … Hero
  Sara Blindauer … Servant
  Joshua Zar … Leonato’s aide
  Paul Meston … Friar Francis
  Ashley Johnson … Margaret
  Paul M. Meston … Friar Francis

What’s Good About It?

Joss Whedon is pretty awesome. It’s a great story, and the cast is superb.

What’s Bad About It?

I really like Kenneth Branagh’s version, and I worry about the modernization of the story.

Our Clever Prediction

I seriously doubt Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing will make much money, but it doesn’t sound like it cost much to make, so it probably won’t be a failure. It will be submitted to a number of festivals, so I’m betting it’ll win at least a handful of awards. Which is what I think they’re going for. Sounds good.