Movie Pics for Dumb & Dumber Too, Guardians of the Galaxy, Jupiter Ascending & More!

dumb and dumber too april 28

Dumb & Dumber Too has a sexy shower scene, Guardians of the Galaxy shows some Star-Lord and villainess, Godzilla reminds me of Batman, X-Men: Days of Future Past shows off some Wolverine skills, Justice League gets confirmation, The Fault in Our Stars goes extended, The Expendables is sorta hilarious in a new photo, Edge of Tomorrow looks crazy painted in a new poster, Transformers: Age of Extinction has a dinosaur matador, and Jupiter Ascending has a total jerk bad guy!

Dumb & Dumber Too

Man, what happened to Jim Carrey? A few years back Bruce Almighty made an… unGODly amount of money, and since then he’s been sorta of a flake. That magician flick with Steve Carrel was, by most accounts, a total turd, and now he’s doing sequels to one of the films that made him famous. I’m not complaining though, cause I am excited for Dumb and Dumber Too. It reminds me of simpler days, before I knew what a Canadian was. I didn’t figure that out until I was old enough to fully comprehend evil.

So he and Jeff Daniels are taking a waterfall shower together, and they look pretty funny. Well, sorta.
dumb and dumber too april 28

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy has 2 new photos today, both showing Star-Lord, played by Chris Pratt. I’m honestly really excited to see him become a big star. He’s hilarious on Parks and Recreation, and I like that he’s a bigger dude. Most actors are 3 feet tall, so seeing an actual man who could legit kick some ass playing an ass-kicker is refreshing. Did you think Jason Statham was a big guy? 5’10”. Not tiny, but he looks like a big guy in a lot of his films. They just shoot him that way. Chris Pratt is 6’2”.

Ah, well. This should be cool.

Oh, and there’s Karen Gillan. I have an idea, let’s get a gorgeous redhead for the film, then shave her head, paint her blue and hide her hotness. MORONS.
guardians of the galaxy april 281guardians of the galaxy april 28guardians of the galaxy april 28 5


Godzilla is on the cover of Fangoria, and we get a nice view of him. Very classic. He’s like a T-Rex, but without the big mouth. Lil arms though. Bad for pushups. And his neck sorta looks stiff.

Does he looks a little like Batman from Batman Begins to anyone else? Just sayin’.

He’s also featured in a new photo that gives a nice view of the beast, and does a decent job of showing his scale. Not bad. And there’s a featurette focusing on the roar. Let’s hope they get that right…

godzilla april 28godzilla 2 april 28

X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past has a new video featurette that focuses on Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. As he’s a big part of the macguffin of the film, as he’s the one that goes back in time to save the future, it’s somewhat spoilery but also gives some nice new footage of him kicking butt, and that’s cool. There are at least 2 or 3 solid bits of action from ol’ Canucklehead, and that makes me excited.

Justice League

Well, considering they’ve cast almost the entire darn league for Batman Vs. Superman, it isn’t much surprise that DC and Warner Bros are planning on aping Marvel Studios’ success and coming out with their own super team movie, Justice League. Well, now it’s official. And not only that, but Zach Snyder, who directed Man of Steel and is working on Batman Vs. Superman, is directing the film! I’m happy about this. He’s no Joss Whedon, but at the same time he did a good job with the action in the film, and has a good feel for the power sets, and of course he’s building the world, so it makes sense he gets to make the biggest deal of the whole thing with Justice League. I know Jon Favreau wanted to directed The Avengers, but Marvel was smart enough to recognize Iron Man 2 sucked, and got fan favorite Joss Whedon instead.

It’ll be very interesting to see what they do with Justice League, and how much the lead in will mess with Batman Vs. Superman. It’s good to see a plan in place, but I really want a good Batman Vs. Superman film FIRST, and then a cool Justice League. Hell, I’d rather see a good B. Vs. S. movie than an amazing Justice League. Batman is the best, Superman is pretty much also the best, and they’re the World’s Finest. Let’s see them in action together, eh?

The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars has a new extended trailer today that starts out focusing on the nature of storytelling, and how we choose to frame a story and how that impacts the tale in the long run, then it goes into talk about a metaphor, and it makes me very quickly realize the writer wants you to know he really THINKS about writing a lot. And he wants you to know how clever he is, so his characters have unbelievably witty conversations. And probably complete one another, and they bone, which should be fun, and hopefully, since Shailene Woodley’s character has cancer, get a little nasty with their lovemaking.

Cause I ain’t paying $13 for this and not seeing something DISGUSTING.

The Expendables

The Expendables 3 has a new photo of the team, and it’s hilarious. Arnold looks awesome, Stallone is trying WAY to freaking hard, Rhonda Rousey looks like she’s trying to avoid the rest noticing her and her womanhood, and best of all, Antonio Banderas sorta looks like Benjamin Button, in that he’s sorta old looking, but also tiny like a child.

At least that’s how I see it.
expendables 3 april 28

Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow has a new banner poster with both Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise on it, and while she sorta halfway looks real, he’s so obviously painted it’s embarrassing. Really, truly embarrassing. But I like the big guns and swords, so it works out.
edge of tomorrow april 28

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Transformers: Age of Extinction has a new photo of Optimus Prime in a scene that I believe is what he tames the dinosaur robot, so he’s sort of a matador here. A robotador.

transformers age of extinction april 28

Jupiter Ascending

I do believe this is the villain in Jupiter Ascending, and he looks like a pompous, arrogant dick. And he has a long neck. Dick. I’m trying to remember what his costume reminds me of… Is it Stargate? Yeah, it’s totally Stargate.
jupiter ascending april 28