Movie news for Young Adult, MIB3, Shame and The Sitter!


A new TV spot for Young Adult, posters for Men in Black 3, and new trailers for Shame and The Sitter.

Young Adult

Young Adult has a new TV spot, and it isn’t for kids. Unless you don’t like your kids. Or want them to grow up to be horrible. So this is essentially mandatory viewing for Canadian children.


Men in Black 3

I hope someone worked really hard on these Men in Black 3 posters. Cause they suck, and it’s funnier if their terrible quality is a result of hard work.


Is sexual addiction actually a thing for guys? I touched myself while writing that. Also, while pooping, texting, talking to my grandma, and other stuff.

Is the first step admitting it? Okay, I’m addicted to this new trailer for Shame.

The Sitter

Hey look! A new trailer for The Sitter. How exciting. I’m somewhat astonished by how little I care. My life is empty. Why is a little girl pooping funny?

Oh, right. Cause it’s a kid.

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