Movie news for World War Z, The Dark Knight Rises, and more more more!


Pics and casting for World War Z, Catwoman pics from The Dark Knight Rises, and new trailers for The Sitter and Anonymous.

The Dark Knight Rises

Holy Catwoman pics, Batman! The Dark Knight Rises is shooting a lot of outdoors stuff recently, so they’ve had to give us pics of the characters, cause there would be spy pics anyways. Actually, I have spy pics too. So it’s like Christmas in… what is this? August? Whatevs.

World War Z

World War Z has a few new pics up, and I like the looks of it. People all riding on a boat, likely seeing zombies on shore. Pretty cool. Also, Bryan Cranston, from Breaking Bad and being a BADASS, has been cast in a small part in the film, although there’s no word yet on the role. I hope he’s a zombie. A zombie chemistry teacher who makes METH. I have the best ideas.

The Sitter

The first trailer for The Sitter was up just a few days ago, but that trailer was dirty, and I assume they want people to see a trailer of some sort in theaters, so they have this less funny trailer. I suppose it’s OKAY, but if someone doesn’t swear every five minutes I get antsy. ANTSY, FUCKERS. See?


No doubt the most retarded version of Shakespeare’s life, Anonymous, has a new trailer. There are explosions n’ stuff. Oh, and it turns out we’ve all been played. GET IT? PLAYED? Cause he wrote plays n’ stuff. N’ Stuff is your word of the day. Words of the day. You get my meaning.


Besides everything, do you know why Canada blows? Cause they have delicious things that look like this. I hate you Canada. America has nothing this good.

Oh, wait. WE DO. SNAPDRAGON!!!!!!

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