Movie news for World War Z, Moneyball, Batman and more!


World War Z gets a release date, Moneyball and Contagion have posters, and the Dark Knight Rises has a crash vid and costume news.

World War Z

I’m gonna do some Brad Pitt first today. I mean Brad Pitt NEWS. I don’t want to do a dude. Uh…

So World War Z, Mr. Pitt’s (WAAAAAYYYY more hetero if I say Mr.) zombie film, will be released on December 21, 2012. They only just started shooting a few weeks back, but all the pics I’ve seen look good, and the book was interesting. It wasn’t much of a story, so much as a collection of stories, so there should be plenty of material for a film. Unfortunately, it can’t be as good as The Walking Dead. But perhaps that’s setting the bar too high.

It’ll be better than Land of the Dead.


For the record, I would NOT pay money to see Mr. Pitt’s balls. So hetero.

Anyways, here’s a poster for Moneyball. Does it appear to be a gum advertisement to anyone else? It does to me.


Contagion has a handful of character posters up today, and I don’t care how much of Marion Cottillard’s face they cover with hair, she is amazing looking. Amazing.

The Dark Knight Rises

So there’s been a fair bit of Catwoman news in the last week for The Dark Knight Rises. Like most of you, I was underwhelmed by the costume, but Anne Hathaway has said that what we’ve been show is a very small part of what will be in the film. Let’s hope that means more boobies. Also, Catwoman was stealing the Batpod today, and she decided to destroy an IMAX camera on her way out. Yeah, those are expensive. Spoiler warning for those who may watch the video. You might learn stuff from it. Also, don’t read what I wrote about Catwoman stealing the Batpod. That probably doesn’t happen.

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