Movie news for Tintin, Descendants, The Avengers and more!


A poster and trailer for The Devil Inside, a new lead-in video for The Avengers, and new trailers for The Descendants and Tintin.

The Devil Inside

The preview for this sucker was written before my time here at the glorious land of Starseeker, but The Devil Inside was originally supposed to come out last year, and it’s a horror film about either unauthorized exorcisms, a drug dealer hiring a scientist to create a monster, or possibly something in between those two. It comes out in January 2012, and I’m reasonably sure it’s set in Italy. The trailer is simple, but effective.

The Avengers

So there have been a few mini-movies on the Thor and Captain America Blu-Rays that feature everyone’s favorite SHIELD Agent, Agent Coulson, as Marvel leads into The Avengers. Well, on the Captain America Blu-Ray there’s this new video. It’s kinda funny. The clip is entitled “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer.”

The Descendants

The Descendants is, admittedly, looking pretty good. I’m still not the biggest fan of chins mcsmug, but Clooney isn’t a half actor, and this film will probably be in Oscar contention.

The Adventures of Tintin

Meh. The Adventures of Tintin is very pretty to look at, but I’m not sold. I did like the part with the dog. Funny.

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