Movie News for Thor, Green Lantern, Total Recall, and more!


Another casting choice for Green Lantern has been announced, a Thor clip, a couple terrible Transformers pics, a bad guy for Total Recall, and a pic of Amber Heard as a Playboy Bunny that pitches tents where ever it goes.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern comes out in June. Yeah. JUNE. And they’re still casting this epic turd. Granted, it’s just voice work for some of the alien characters that are completely CGI, but still, you’d think they might have used the actor’s voice as a way to determine some of the way that the characters would move or act, but not for this film. This film is better than all those other films, cause this one has crap written all over it. Anyways, Geoffrey Rush will be lending his voice to the character of Tomar-Re, who is a close friend of Abin Sur, who gives his ring to Hal Jordan when he dies. Tomar-Re is likely going to play a friendly character to Hal, who most of the Green Lantern Corps will not be fond of, since he’s human, and humans aren’t good enough to be Green Lanterns.

Then Hal Jordan becomes the best darn Green Lantern of them all. SUCK ON THAT ALIENS.


Thor is still over a month away, but there’s already a film clip online. Normally, I’d say that isn’t a good thing, but we’ve seen 90% of this clip in the trailers already, so it’s not big deal. The main thing I get from it is that Thor is a moron, and Kat Dennings character is a total ho. Ho fo sho.


Transformers: Dark of the Moon will probably be so amazing that it’ll be like taking a hit of Charlie Sheen. Your head will blow up. It’s also (remotely) possible that the film will be stupid and a huge waste of money. This second scenario seems more likely having seen these two pics that came online today. Does anyone else just wish that Shia would get stepped on?

Total Recall

Underworld and Live Free or Die Hard director Len Wiseman’s Total Recall remake starring Colin Farrell has cast its bad guy, and it’ll be Bryan Cranston. It’d be better if it was “BRIAN” Cranston. Cause only jerks spell it with a Y. Anyways, Cranston will be playing Vilos Cohaagen, who sounds Swedish to me, but then I’m a huge bigot when it comes to Sweden.

Wait, no. That’s Canada.

Amber Heard

I realize that this doesn’t count as MOVIE news, since it’s for a TV show, but Amber Heard has been in movies, and is hot, and I don’t care what you think, I’m posting this. Anyways, Heard is currently shooting a pilot for NBC called The Playboy Club, which is about the Playboy Clubs in Chicago during the 1960s. I guess it’s a crime drama. Whatever. I just want to see more of Amber Heard in the Playboy bunny outfit. It makes me swell with… pride? Hope? Boners?

Definitely boners.


New images of the upcoming Footloose remake are up, plus a new sexy trailer!