Movie news for The Watch, Snow White & More!

now you see me
Now You See Me Drown!

A pic from Now You See Me, new trailers for The Watch and Harmless, a film clip from Snow White and the Huntsman and production news for Evil Dead.

Now You See Me

Now You See Me has it’s first official photo and I can honestly say it’s got me wet…


The pic is of costar Isla Fisher, and the film is about a group of magicians/illusionists who pull of daring bank robberies. So Ms. Fisher is the lady who is magically saved at the last second from the pool of water or something. I know magic.

now you see me
Now You See Me Drown!

The Watch

The Watch, or Neighborhood Watch as it used to be called before Trayvon Martin was shot by an overzealous neighborhood watch..ian?, has a new trailer that totally changed how I view the film.

Originally, I thought it was about a group of suburban dads who uncover a vast conspiracy. Well, that part is still sorta true, but now there’s also aliens. Yeah.


Have you ever found a HARMLESS box of pornography in the middle of the woods? Who hasn’t? That’s called 8th grade. Well, what if that supposedly HARMLESS box o’ porn was actually EVIL?

HOLY SHIT. My mind grapes were just blown. Sorry about getting grape juice all over your face. My bad. So anyways, there’s a trailer for Harmless up, and it’s essentially The Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity, except with a box of porn. That’s why I keep mine in a tupperware. Much safer.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman has a new film clip and it’s pretty weird. It’s basically Kristen Stewart tripping balls on LSD out in the woods, and someone is saying the Lord’s Prayer. I don’t know. I don’t care. It’s just what I wanted to happen during my weekend. Thank you, Snow White. Thank you.

Evil Dead

In sorta fun or interesting news, Evil Dead has just begun production, so it’s actually happening. It’s been quite a while since Army of Darkness, and though we’re not getting an actual sequel, but rather a reboot/remake with Diablo Cody fucking up the script, I still get a bit excited to hear of a new Evil Dead film. So… yay!

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