Movie news for The Hunger Games, Hangover, Twilight & More!

Noah pic aug 10
Noah pic aug 10

Casting for The Hunger Games, the Hangover III, The World’s End and Kick-Ass 2, posters for Hotel Transylvania, a pic from Noah and trailers for Red Dawn and Twilight!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Another day, another couple cast members join The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Today, the sequel to one 2012’s bigger films has added Alan Ritchson as Gloss. Gloss is a pretty boy from District 2. Meh.

If you’re like me, and I know you are, you’ll know Ritchson from his role as Aquaman on Smallville. Otherwise, you won’t know him.

In addition to Ritchson, Catching Fire has added E. Roger Mitchell as Chaff. Chaff hasn’t been in a Hunger Game for thirty years, so he’s a quite a bit older than the others, yet at the same time these are generally kids killing each other, so he’s only in his forties. I guess this works.

The Hangover III

The Hangover III will be bringing back Heather Graham. Not a ton of details have been revealed on the plot yet, but apparently the film will be heading back to Las Vegas for at least part of the film. Graham played the one night hookup wife of Ed Helms’ Stu. Stu got married in the second film to another woman, so his marriage to Graham’s character Jade was annulled. No word yet on if his tranny hookup from the Hangover II will also return.

The World’s End

The World’s End has added super babe Rosamund Pike in the role of… well, someone. Probably someone hot. Probably. Her part, like many of the roles, has not yet been fully revealed. Likely she’ll be one of the friends on the epic bar crawl that Nick Frost and Simon Pegg set out on. I’m guessing she’ll be a girlfriend or ex-girlfriend or the one who got away or something like that.

Cause she’s super hot.

Kick-Ass 2

Kick-Ass 2 is getting closer and closer to production, and that means more casting. Today, word comes that Yancy Butler, who played the mother of bad guy Red Mist’s mother in the first film, will be returning. Um… okay.

Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania has a few new character posters up today, and I like how the characters in the film have accurately captured the quality of each actor. Adam Sandler’s Dracula is annoying as shit. Andy Samberg isn’t talented enough. Selena Gomez is hot but also makes me question my morals. Fran Drescher is there. Kevin James looks moderately retarded. Steve Buscemi, for an ugly dude, remains my hero. I didn’t notice David Spade and didn’t mind missing him.
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Noah has it’s first official pic, and there are so many spoilers here. Noah’s clothes are HAND STITCHED. He has a BEARD. Hair? UNKEMPT. Angry expression?

OH HELLS YEAH. This isn’t yo’ momma’s Noah. This is Noah meets Gladiator. This is Noah kicking your ass.

Noah pic aug 10
Noah pic aug 10

Red Dawn

Red Dawn‘s new trailer gives us a bit of story to make sense of how North Korea could possibly attack the US and not be completely obliterated. Essentially, they have a new weapon that seems to act as a sort of EMP that may be directed so they can make our computers go offline while their’s continue to work. Not bad. I never saw the original, but I like that Chris Hemsworth is at least a soldier, so it’s not quite so unbelievable that some kids would know how to use weapons. Not bad. Not… bad.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn The Second

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part Two has a new Japanese trailer, and it makes no sense. Where’s the anime? Geisha girls? Samurai?

How is this a Japanese trailer? The samurai would really help with fighting the Volturi. I’m just saying.

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