Movie news for The Hunger Games, Dark Shadows & More!


New pics from Dark Shadows and The Lone Ranger, a poster from Moonrise Kingdom, a film clip from Lockout and a baffling TV Spot for The Hunger Games.

Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows has a few new pics today, and while Johnny Depp looks the same as ever, I have to say Eva Green is looking smoking hot. She plays Angelique Bouchard, a witch whose heart is broken by Depp’s Barnabas Collins. She turns him into a vampire, locks him in a tomb for a couple centuries, then he wakes up in the 1970s. JUST LIKE MY LIFE.

Oh, but she’s wearing somewhat modern looking clothing, so I think she’s a ghost or immortal. Just a guess though.

The Lone Ranger

In further Johnny Depp news, there’s a pic up today of Depp as Tonto and Armie Hammer as the Lone Ranger. I have a question: who is going to be fooled by Hammer’s mask? Plus, he has a sheriff’s badge. Isn’t that public record?

Why is a bird shitting on Johnny Depp? Is this revenge for the last couple Pirate films? Where are my pants?

Okay, so I had a FEW questions.

Moonrise Kingdom

This is a rather odd poster for Moonrise Kingdom. But it’s directed by Wes Anderson, so it’s actually sorta bland. The Life Aquatic one was better. I’m sorta digging the way kid’s hat. I need me one of those.


Lockout has a new film clip, and it is sorta funny, but it also looks retarded. The President’s daughter asks WHO sent Guy Pearce to save her. SHE’S THE PRESIDENT’S DAUGHTER. Who else would send her? Castro?

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games has a new trailer, and there’s one problem I’m having with this film, and it’s the same problem I had with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books (the books, not the films, which corrected the problem). In both series, there’s a strong female who men are drawn to, but the explanation for this strength and allure are at best vague. Seriously, outside of the fact that Jennifer Lawrence is hot, why is she so special? She has a blank stare. There’s VERY little intelligence behind those eyes. She was great in Winter’s Bone, and it was oddly a lot like The Hunger Games, and yet I don’t see the same quality performance here. Sorry, I just don’t.