Movie News for The Hobbit, The Grey, The Hangover 2, Hesher, and more!


New TV spots for Transformers and Cars 2, trailers for Hesher and Apollo 18, and photos for The Hobbit, The Grey and The Hangover Part 2.


Transformers: The Dark of the Moon
has a new TV spot that aired during Nascar. Pretty. But stupid. Kinda like the chick in the film, whose name is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Pretty, but stupid. Which is also like Canada, only Canada isn’t pretty.

Cars 2

Cars 2 also had a TV spot air during Nascar. I feel this would make sense, what with the Cars in the film, and Nascar is about cars n’ stuff, but at the same time, it’s a kid’s movie, and Nascar is for hillbillies. Oh well.


Hesher, a crazy film starring Joseph Gordon Levitt and Natalie Portman, has a trailer. The film has done well at film festivals, and the trailer looks entertaining. I wish that a madman version of Joseph Gordon Levitt had beaten me up/been a friend to me when I was little. I just had Princess Sparkles. I miss her. She was taken away when I turned 16. Apparently, my small minded parents felt that I shouldn’t be taking a doll with glitter on it to school everyday. And dressing like her. And letting her comb my hair. Sparkles.

Apollo 18

A film with a good idea but nowhere NEAR enough time to do it right, Apollo 18 has a trailer. The film only got its director a few months back and it comes out in April. Still, the trailer looks cool. Too bad there’s almost ZERO chance this film won’t be a disaster.

The Hobbit

A photo of the set from The Hobbit have come online. It looks really cool. Okay, it doesn’t really look that cool, but I’m sure it will in the film.

The Hangover

The Hangover Part 2 is going to have a teaser trailer coming out later this week, and in preparation for that momentous event, the studio has released a new photo. I guess I should comment on the stuff on Ed Helms’ face, or the fact that Zach Galifianakis shaved his head, but I think I’ll just comment on the purple flowers that are out of focus in the top left of the picture. Pretty.

The Grey

The Grey, which comes to us from Joe Carnahan, who directed Smokin Aces and The A Team, has a new photo. The film is about a group of survivors who are being hunted by a pack of wolves. Not the Chicago Wolves, but real wolves. Dun dun duh.

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