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Hangover 3 Logo
Hangover 3 Logo

Videos for Skyfall, Total Recall, Taken 2 and Anna Karenina, the Hobbits become more Hobbity and The Hangover III has a new logo!


Continuing the annoying trend of getting us excited for a trailer with a trailer for the trailer, Skyfall has released this new teaser to get us super amped about tomorrow’s new trailer. Yeay!

Total Recall

Total Recall has a couple new TV spots today, the first of which has to do with self-determination and other themes that the film will no doubt fail to fully explore, but the OTHER video shows quite a bit of cool special effects and action, which I fully believe the film will make the most of.

So… you’ve got that.

Taken 2

Taken 2 has a new trailer that just makes me want to take his daughter Maggie Grace. Otherwise, the trailer doesn’t do too much new stuff and outside of Liam Neeson’s badassness it isn’t the best of trailers. Oh well. It still looks really cool and I bet he’ll kick some foreign ass.

Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina has a new behind the scenes featurette that gives a bit more info on the artistic vision of the film, and it’s honestly pretty awesome. I’d heard before that director Joe Wright decided to shoot the entire film on a single stage, which worried me because of the epic nature of the film, but it turns out he has some really cool ideas about how to use the stages to show the phony life of the aristocratic Russia, and when people leave that world they end up on sets in the real world. It’s explained more fully in the video below but I’m now super excited about the film!

The Hobbit

Well, there was a rumor a week or two ago about Peter Jackson seriously considering splitting his two upcoming Hobbit films into three parts. From ONE book.

Well, it happened. There will now be THREE Hobbit films. The first comes out this December, and I assume there will be very little changed in that one, but the second film, still due out the following December, will be followed by a third film in the summer of 2014. I can’t help but feel like this is going to be a bit much of The Hobbit. I’m not saying it’ll be bad, but MAN that’s a lot of movies. Tolkien did write some long ass books, but this is sorta ridiculous. No word yet on what the name of the third film will be, but an early possibility is “CHACHING!!!”

The Hangover III

The Hangover III has a new logo, and you know what it means? ONE MAN WOLFPACK.

At least that’s what I assume. People seem to think that was really funny from the first film, so they’re likely continuing to milk that same joke again now. Works for me. I just want to see Zach Galifiankis make with the funny.

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  1. I can’t wait for a Hangover 3 and that logo goes perfect bc they are a wolf pack and I like wolves so thats definitely a plus

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