Movie news for The Hobbit (of course), Snow White and more!


A new movie trailer for Drive, film clips from Captain America, pics from Prometheus, The Hobbit and Snow White, and the villain is revealed for The Wolverine.


Ryan Gosling’s attempt at becoming an action star, Drive, has a new red band trailer, and I have to admit I’m pleasantly surprised by it. Not bad, dude. He drives n’ stuff. Plus, Carey Mulligan. Yowza.

Captain America

So Captain America comes out tomorrow. It seems like just yesterday he was Private America. Get it? Cause of the promotions n’ stuff. Lots of ‘N’ Stuff’ today. Oh, and here are two new clips from Captain America.


The first pic from Prometheus is up, and it gives away the entire plot. Clearly, there’s a dude in a space suit. Movie… ruined.

The Hobbit

Uh-oh. It’s all the Dwarves from The Hobbit. Together. It’s like a Fellowship. But not of a Ring!

Snow White

Yep, it looks like Snow White.

The Wolverine

Hugh Jackman has announced that the villain in The Wolverine will be the Silver Samurai. Which makes sense, since the film is supposed to take place in Japan. I accept.

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