Movie news for The Hobbit, Mirror Mirror, Avengers & More!


A trailer for Wrath of the Titans, posters for Mirror Mirror and 21 Jump Street, and pics from The Avengers and The Hobbit.

Wrath of the Titans

Wrath of the Titans has a trailer, and it looks… fine. Actually, it looks quite a bit better than the original, but Clash of the Titans left such a bad taste in my mouth that I’m having a hard time looking forward to this. Still, cool trailer.

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror has two new posters, and I really like the one with just Julia Roberts, cause the tag line is “One Bad Apple.” And she’s the witch! Cause she’s a bad apple. But also, in the Snow White story the dumb broad eats a poisoned apple! This works on SO MANY LEVELS.

I just shat.

21 Jump Street

So 21 Jump Street has a new poster, and it’s and makes me want to vomit monkey balls. Question: what does it say between ‘Senior’ and ‘Prom’ in the banner in the background? Huh?

The Avengers

There are a couple new pics from The Avengers, and there are no SKRULLS yet. Darn it. JUST SHOW THEM ALREADY. To be fair, the Iron Man pic is kinda cool. So it’s a wash.

The Hobbit

The Hobbit has a new pic also, and it’s obvious that Martin Freeman is totally rocking as Bilbo Baggins. Seriously. Perfect.

Except he should be a bit fatter. Not Rudy, or whatever his name was in LOTR. Sam? Sam something. Whatever. Not quite that fat, but fat.


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