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Casting for Old Boy, a deleted scene from The Avengers, a film clip from Dredd and Hobbit dragon spoilers!

Old Boy

Spike Lee will be reteaming with Samuel L. Jackson in yet another film. This time, Jackson will be tortured by lead Josh Brolin in the remake of Old Boy. To be fair, the original film was frickin’ awesome, so this is likely a good thing. Jackson worked with Lee before on School Daze, Mo’ Better Blues and Jungle Fever.

The Avengers

If you’ve seen The Avengers you should remember the scene where the Hulk comes crashing down to Earth, only to transform back into Bruce Banner, who is then found by a security guard and given some clothes. Well, that scene was apparently a bit longer originally, and you can see the full thing below. It’s a cool look at Banner’s character and his thoughts on the Hulk.


Dredd is looking more and more badass as time goes on. One of the best things is that they’re really making the film smaller, rather than larger. The world of Judge Dredd is quite massive, but essentially this entire film takes place in a single, monstrous skyscraper. It’s sorta like Die Hard, but in the future. Well, today’s film clip gives you a better idea of what Dredd is up against. Cool stuff.

The Hobbits

Benedict Cumberbatch will be voicing Smaug, the dragon with a bunch of gold, in the upcoming Hobbit films. But as the book the films are based on a single tale, it’s curious to see when we’ll actually see Smaug. He was toward the end of the book, but has a sizable role. So where is he?

Well, according to Cumberbatch, “I think my eye might open at the end of the first film and then you’ll get the rest of me in the second.”

So there you go. The little troop of Dwarves and Bilbo Baggins will show up at the mountain at the end of the first film. Goody.

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