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Hobbit Poster
Hobbit Poster

Featurettes for Ruby Sparks and The Dark Knight Rises, posters for The Hobbit and Pacific Rim, video from Robocop and casting for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Noah.

Ruby Sparks

Ruby Sparks has a lot of magical fun in it, but that’s because it’s all about love, and yadda yadda yadda, if I imagined a hot girl I’d bang her.

This featurette gives you a bit a more info on the premise of the film, and makes it seem like this film might actually do halfway decent business. Cool.

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises has a new featurette that’s 13 minutes long. You know what else is 13 long?

Oh, I used that joke the other day…

MY PENIS. It’s incredibly long and important.

Anyways, this new featurette is pretty extensive and takes you through many aspects of the film. You get to see where the film begins and much of the premise and backstory for various characters. There’s a lot of great stuff in here and will help set up the film very well I think.

In addition to the video below, director Christopher Nolan has been doing some interviews in anticipation of the film coming out in less than two weeks where he’s discussed the origins and inspirations behind the film. Interestingly, A Tale of Two Cities is a big influence on the film, which makes sense, for though the film clearly draws on some of the things going on right now in the world, Occupy Wall Street and what not, it also has ties to the Bloody Revolution in France, which is where the aristocrats were overthrown by the angry mob. Good stuff.

The Hobbit

The Hobbit has a new poster from Comic Con that is actually quite extraordinary as it really looks magical in many ways. That’s pretty cool. And it has Gandalf, so though you may want to look past this poster…


Hobbit Poster 1
Hobbit Poster 1
Hobbit Poster
Hobbit Poster

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim has a new poster from Comic Con also, but this one isn’t so cool. I still have a lot of faith in the film because of director Guillermo del Toro, but this poster just looks lame. I like the little dudes on the robot’s shoulder though.

Pacific Rim Poster
Pacific Rim Poster


Robocop has a new video that shows the new film will follow many of the style themes from the original, with fake ads showing a ‘better world’ created by OCP. This one deals with some of the technological advancements made that will make the city (presumably Detroit) a better place. There have been some updates to the tech, such has having a flying drone, but there’s still the ED-209, which was freaking awesome in the original. The video teases the reveal of the latest advancement, which of course will be Robocop himself. SWEET.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has officially cast Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Plutarch Heavensbee, who is the head gamemaker and the villain for the film. Good casting.


Darren Aronofsky’s Noah has just cast Anthony Hopkins as Methuselah. For those of you who don’t know stuff, Methuselah was the oldest man in the world and died shortly before the beginning of the Great Flood.

So that’s… what’s gonna happen I guess.

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