Movie news for The Dark Knight Rises, Twilight and more!


A new poster for Twilight, set photos for The Dark Knight Rises, a trailer for Intruders, and the coolest fan made Batman film EVER.

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part One

Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part One has a poster up from Comic con, and it is unbelievable passionate. If stoned is a synonym for passionate. Man, bitches be crazy.

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises is currently shooting in Pittsburgh, and there are some set photos. From these photos, I am going to attempt to determine some aspects of the film. Is that a Ford? No? Ok. Then there will be a Ford in another scene. Why? Cause.

I see a street. Streets are what people travel on. Batman may travel.

Taxi! Batman will forget to fill the batmobile up with gas, and need to take a cab.

I have successfully mined these photos. You may resume your day.


Intruders is a horror film starring Clive Owen about a guy whose kid has nightmares, and then scary stuff happens, there’s a hooded dude, they fight, other stuff, I’m scared. My pants aren’t supposed to be this wet. But it’s happy wet.

Batman: The Last Laugh

This is kinda awesome. The story is next to nothing, it’s just a really well made Batman film with great camera work and fight choreography n’ stuff. Also, not to ruin the ending, but Batman makes sweet love to Robin.


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