Movie news for The Dark Knight Rises, Spider-Man, Looper & Riddick!

riddick june 28

A new The Dark Knight Rises TV Spot, film clips for The Amazing Spider-Man, a new trailer for Looper and a new pic for Riddick. Hey, that rhymed. Pic… Riddick…

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises has a new TV Spot that focuses on Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman and it’s pretty cool to see the way she’s playing her. She’s very self-assured yet also worried about Bane. She doesn’t think Batman can take him. Cool stuff. But she also doesn’t need Batman’s instruction. HAH.

Everyone needs a little help from Batman.

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man has a couple new film clips, though we’ve seen parts of these before in trailers and TV Spots. We get a little bit more from the bridge scene where Spidey saves the kid (should I say ‘spoiler’ or are we all smart enough to recognize that Spider-Man will not let the kid fall to a watery grave?).

There are also scenes of Spider-Man swinging in to save the day and a really cool scene of him building a web that looks like it’ll be the best visual in the film. I’m happy about it.


This new trailer for Looper is very similar to the international trailer from a few days ago, but it’s cut for an American audience so there’s more awesome.

Fact: America = Awesome. You’re welcome for this lesson in world economics.


Riddick has been teased virally by Vin Diesel quite a few times already, but the one thing it’s failed to do is erase the second Riddick film from my mind. As you all know, or should, the second one was a piece of shit.

But hey! Here’s a pic of Riddick holding a thing in a wasteland!

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