Movie news for The Avengers, Riddick, The Big Year and more!


Pics from The Avengers set, a confirmed rating for the next Riddick film, a new poster and trailer for The Big Year and The Expendables 2 has some casting.

The Avengers

All you true believers can rest easy, for The Avengers did NOT take the weekend off for Labor Day. Captain America and co. did their duty. Now do your duty and look at these Avengers set photos.

Heh… duty.


So I doubt very many people care that there’s going to be another Chronicles of Riddick film, but there is, and Vin Diesel is super pumped, and he’s revealed through Facebook that the film will receive an ‘R’ rating, because that’s what screwed up the last one.

Which would have been the greatest film ever if only he could have sworn and stabbed a dude’s nuts off.

The Big Year

The Big Year, a birdwatching comedy starring Jack Black, Owen Wilson and Steve Martin, finally has a trailer and poster. And not a moment too soon. I was just gonna ask, “What’s up with that birding movie?”

Yeah, birdwatchers call their thing “birding.” Weirdos.

The Expendables 2

The Expendables 2 has confirmed the casting of Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzengger, Jean Claude Van Damme and Chuck frickin’ Norris. This movie is going to be awesome. By ‘awesome’ I mean old and depressing.

‘cept for Norris. The man is immortal.

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