Movie news for The Avengers, Looper, X-Men & Battleship!

Avengers Hulk
Avengers Hulk

TV Spots and pics from The Avengers, a poster for Looper, a film clip from Battleship, and X-Men First Class 2 production news!

The Avengers

Two new TV Spots for The Avengers are online today, and they’re both pretty awesome. They’re really making the Hulk look like a total badass. Which is appropriate, since he is a badass. There are a couple cool photos too, so enjoy.


I don’t think they got the idea right for this poster for Looper. I’m pretty sure Joseph Gordon Levitt is the young Bruce Willis, and the mobsters in the future are sending Bruce Willis to be killed by his younger self. So when it says, “Hunted by your future, Haunted by your Past.” I feel like that’s not right. The past is hunting the future. I guess. I’m confused. Poopy.


I have to admit the special effects for Battleship are absolutely outstanding. This is really something to see. It’s like Transformers, only without the horrible sensibilities of Michael Bay at the helm.

X-Men: First Class 2

X-Men: First Class 2, or hopefully “Second Class,” is set to start shooting next January. Apparently the studio wanted to get going earlier, but they had to wait for Jennifer Lawrence, who will be shooting Catching Fire, the sequel to The Hunger Games, in the fall. She’s sorta a big deal these days.

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