Movie news for The Avengers, Looper, Django Unchained & More!

Django Unchained forever
Django Unchained First poster

Video from The Avengers, a trailer preview for Looper, pics for Skyfall and The Dark Knight Rises, and posters for The Host and Django Unchained.

The Avengers

Here we have a sweet new clip, a little featurette and an AWESOME TV spot for The Avengers. The clip shows Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark facing off in a battle of wits with Tom Hiddleston’s Loki. Pretty awesome.

The second video is a short featurette about how unprecedented this is. Blah blah.

The third video is a minute long TV spot focusing on Thor.


Looper has yet another preview for their trailer, which should be online tomorrow. I’m not really as excited for the film as I was before these previews, but I am SUPER excited for the trailer. It’s going to be the greatest thing ever apparently.


James Bonds’ next outing, Skyfall, has a bunch of new photos out today. They show everything from Bond himself, the babes, the villains, and even Judi Dench. It’s a pretty full set of photos.
[nggallery id=skyfallapril11]

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises has a few photos up today, one of Batman and Catwoman on the cover of the upcoming Entertainment Weekly, and the other of Catwoman’s ass. Someone said there’s more to the photo than that, but I don’t see anything else.

The Host

The Host has a new poster, and it showcases a girl’s love for stupid contacts.

And this film doesn’t come out for a year and there’s already a poster and trailer. And it’s stupid because it’s based on a Stephenie Meyer book.

Django Unchained

In NOT shitty news, here’s a poster for Django Unchained, and it is effing badass. See, there’s a chain, and it’s broken, and that’s like Jamie Foxx in the film, because he’s playing a slave who gets free and start murdering bad guys. And that’s cool.

Django Unchained forever
Django Unchained First poster

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