Movie news for Superman, GI Joe, A Dangerous Method and More!


Some good up close pics of Superman, casting for GI Joe and Magic Mike, and posters for A Dangerous Method and What’s Your Number?

Man of Steel

Man of Steel continues to film in my home state of Illinois, and today a few more spy pics of Henry Cavill in his Superman getup have come online. On the positive side, Cavill is big, really big, and he seems to have a good look for Superman, on the negative side, the costume looks like complete and utter crap and this film is going to fail. He isn’t wearing the super undies!

GI Joe 2

I don’t know who DeRay Davis is, but he’s going to be in GI Joe 2: Worst than the Last (true title).

Also, there’s this pic of him with The Rock.

Magic Mike

Steven Soderberg’s Magic Mike, which is about dude strippers, has cast Olivia Munn, who has gone from being that chick I really like from Attack of the Show to annoying bitch who has betrayed me. Good casting.

A Dangerous Method

Keira Knightley has gone from being that beautiful girl who was really good in Pirates of the Caribbean and Bend it Like Beckham (I only saw it because of her) to being that beautiful girl who was really good in my dream last night. My dream about doing it. Oh, and she’s front and center in this new poster for A Dangerous Method.

What’s Your Number?

What’s Your Number?, which is about how Anna Faris is a huge skank, has a rather fantastic title overseas. [S]ex List. Why the brackets? Shit if I know. I just know it’s better than What’s Your Number?.

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