Movie news for Spider-Man, The Devil Inside & Blade Runner!


Possible first looks at The Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man, the lamest “Living Picture” I’ve ever seen for The Devil Inside, and some possible news on the new Blade Runner movie!

The Amazing Spider-Man

We’ve known for a while now that Rhys Ifans will play the Lizard as the villain in The Amazing Spider-Man, but we’ve yet to really get a look at him. There have been a few glimpse of artwork, but no actual pictures, and I can’t say for sure that this really counts, but it looks decent. Anyways, as this is a comic book movie, there are toys, and there is going to be some toy that is controlled by remote control, and the controller has a picture of the Lizard.

Well, he’s ugly. And slack-jawed. Scary.

The Devil Inside

I don’t know how to embed a ‘living picture,’ but if I did, I might not post this one for The Devil Inside, cause it’s so boring. The idea is that you have a still photograph, but shit starts to happen. I stared at this stupid thing for a while, waiting for the chick’s eyes to open, or her to jump out at me, or… SOMETHING, but it’s just the bug coming out of her nose. I see this sorta thing all the time out of my Canadian friends.

Okay. That’s a lie. They’re just acquaintances. I’d never call a CANADIAN my friend.

Check out the Devil Inside Living Image here.

Blade Runner

Now that Ridley Scott has shown he wants to relive his earliest successes as he’s made a new Alien film called Prometheus, he may also be interested in making another Blade Runner film.

Andrew Kasave has said that he’ll be announcing the screenwriter in the first couple months of 2012. He also teases that he’ll let us know if the new film will be a prequel or sequel to Blade Runner.

I don’t think it was actually part of the canon, but I recall a story about how Deckard went off the grid with the hot cyborg chick, but since she’d die in a few months, he would freeze her for periods of time, and thaw her when he wanted to talk or something.

Hey guys, who wouldn’t want to do that with a girl? HUH? HAHAHAHA. Hilarious.

My idea is that they should do this with an older Harrison Ford, which will once and for all show that he wasn’t a cyborg in the original, and instead of Sean Young, who’s gotten too old to still be Rachael, they cast Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who kinda looks like a young Sean Young but hotter.

I should totally be in the movie biz.

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