Movie news for Spider-Man, Prometheus and Anchorman 2!


New trailers/video for The Amazing Spider-Man, a TV spot for Prometheus and news on Anchorman 2’s teaser trailer.

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man has two new video clips of Dr. Curt Connors thanking us all for becoming his interns, and the 4 minute trailer/film clip from some show last night that I don’t watch but probably has singing and boringness is here, and that one is pretty sweet. It has a fair amount of new footage, and while I’m not really getting my hopes up for The Amazing Spider-Man, I do like the special effects and I think Garfield’s a good Peter Parker and Emma Stone is a good Gwen Stacy. That was a nice run on sentence.


Prometheus has a new TV Spot that shows A LOT of new footage. And it’s all pretty darn cool.

Anchorman 2

Though it was just recently announced, Anchorman 2 will apparently have a teaser trailer with The Dictator, which opens tomorrow. This was rumored before, but Will Ferrell apparently confirmed it on his Twitter account today. Here’s an interesting tidbit: the film doesn’t open for at least a year and a half. That’s a long friggin time. And this is a sequel to an average comedy. Wow. I am not getting excited for this. It’s not like it’s The Avengers 2 or The Dark Knight Rises or something. Hell, they haven’t released a Man of Steel trailer yet, and that comes out in about 13 months! What are they waiting for? Let’s get this crazy train rolling!

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