Movie news for Spider-Man, Batman, Gatsby-Man & More!

great gatsby poster
great gatsby poster

Pics from The Amazing Spider-Man, a trailer for The Great Gatsby, posters for The Dark Knight Rises and a TV Spot for Brave.

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man has a couple pieces of news today. First, we have some new behind the scenes pics that show a pretty darn bloody Peter Parker and some other cool stuff, like Spidey taking a spider-dump on a fake Starbucks, so I like that.

The other thing is that there will be a 6 minute preview of The Amazing Spider-Man with Men in Black 3, which comes out this weekend. I don’t plan on seeing that turdfest, so hopefully it’ll be online before the end of the weekend. Fingers are crossed.
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The Great Gatsby

So The Great Gatsby finally has a trailer, and I was super duper excited to see it but now I barely care about this film. This has to be one of the most overwrought trailers ever, and it makes the film look melodramatic. I realize the book is pretty heavy stuff, but this is ridiculous. It’s just too much. Most of this stuff is subtle and repressed passion. This shit is right out there making a vomit-inducing stench right under your nose.

It’s like I’m wearing a Hitler mustache made of poop.

great gatsby poster
great gatsby poster

The Dark Knight Rises

These new Dark Knight Rises posters are pretty sweet, though they make me wonder if Gotham is actually Seattle. And that’s some heavy rain. Maybe hail. Is there a tornado coming? Is that what Batman will have to rise from?

Tornado rubble? Best movie ever.
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I’d certainly say this new TV Spot for Brave is awesome, except for one thing: it lacks reality. Reality? Oh, yes. Reality. I can believe in red headed girls having souls. It’s a bit of a stretch, but okay. I can believe a girl can shoot a bow and arrow. Sure, it’s silly, but let’s just say it’s true.

But when those three kids are launched on a catapult through the air, over a wall and several hundred feet into the air only to land safely in a pile of hay, I call foul. FOUL.

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