Movie news for Safe House, Bond and Lovelace!


A new poster for Safe House, Lovelace casting and a new James Bond website!

Safe House

Safe House, starring Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington, comes out on February 10, and there’s a new poster today. As the brilliant mind that I am, I shall now break down the film based on the poster.

Denzel will appear larger than life, and Reynolds will pale in comparison. There will be a gun, and while much of the film is black and white, some words will appear to be red. Why? You must watch to find out.

Oh, and none of this is true. Except for the part about Denzel being bigger than life. That’s totally true.


One of the Linda Lovelace biopics coming out soon, Lovelace, has added Demi Moore as Gloria Steinem, a feminist activist who probably shows her boobs. Cause it’s Demi Moore, and she needs the publicity. Lovelace has a number of cameos planned, with James Franco having expressed interest in playing a young Hugh Hefner, and a handful of other actors possibly taking on smaller parts. Linda will be played by Amanda Seyfried, and I don’t mind saying I’d watch her do a porno.

But not cause I’m perverted. I just respect her as an actress so much that I’m sure she’d add depth and something… profound to the role.

Also, I like her jugs.


James Bond’s next outing, Skyfall, has relaunched the website, which is pretty cool. There’s a countdown to the next film, and a nice little video. No doubt there’ll be a lot of cool updates in the coming months as we approach the release in November.

And that’s all. The holidays really screw up movie news. I don’t like that.

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