Movie news for Robocop, Lincoln, Looper and Argo!

Robocop Suit 2
Robocop Suit 2

New pics from Robocop and Lincoln, a video featurette for Looper and TV spots for Argo!


Robocop has some new photos that show the new Robocop IN HIS ARMOR!

And it looks HORRIBLE. This is like the evil Robocop or something. They retained the visor helmet thing, but it doesn’t have the red sunglasses thing, and it’s not super shiny. This bums me out more than I can ever tell you. They have one hand as a machine, but the other is a flesh and blood hand. Is that his shooting hand? Does a robo-hand not work for shooting? Are they going to CGI something over it?

This sucks.


There are a couple new photos of Lincoln online today, and good Lord does Daniel Day-Lewis look like Abraham Lincoln. I’m not really familiar enough with his wife to say that Sally Field looks like her, but everyone looks their part fairly well.

Except Tommy Lee Jones. Unless his character is known for having a really bad wig.
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Looper has a new featurette that continues explaining the premise of the film (that gangsters send people back in time to be executed in a way that won’t lead back to them. Kinda silly. If you could go back in time, this is a waste of that power. But I digress) in the same terms they’ve been explaining things for a while now. There is virtually nothing much of worth here. I want to see the movie, as I think it’s going to be badass as hell, but this particular featurette is simply redundant.


Argo has a couple new TV spots, and I really like the first one, with the ticking clock behind the whole spot. The second one uses the ticking a bit, but not nearly enough for me. I want to think of this film as fast paced and exciting, which I think it will be, so hopefully these aren’t a ruse.


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