Movie news for Resident Evil, Fast & Furious, Skyfall & More!

Fast and Furious Looking Cool
Fast and Furious Looking Cool

Pics from Resident Evil and Fast & Furious 6, a behind the scenes featurette for Skyfall, casting for Robocop and The Hangover III and posters for Seven Psychopaths.

Resident Evil: Retribution

Resident Evil: This Time We Mean Business, Though There Isn’t a Residence To Evil UP… has some new photos that showcase the other hot chicks in this film outside of Milla Jovovich. My favorite is the Sienna Guillory one, but I have a fetish for blue bodysuits. I also have a thing for Asian chicks in red dresses, tough broads and men in trench coats.

Wait… I don’t have a thing for tough chicks…
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Fast and Furious 6

“What’s up?”

“Nuthin’. What’s up with you?”

“Nuthin’. We look pretty cool, huh?”

“Shut up and kiss me!”

And so goes the beginning of Fast and Furious 6. We actually have a picture from this scene. It features the Rock and Gina Carano. There’s a big truck behind them. That’s how they hide their love from the other furious people. Also, I hope they overpaid Gina Carano.

To balance out gender inequality. I’M A CARING PERSON.

Also, I want to see her tits.


Skyfall has a new featurette on the sets. It’s cool that they’re shooting so much of the film in England. James Bond is normally such a jetsetter that little to none of his films are set at home. It appears this one hits a bit closer to home. Bond comes home.

I want to make a tagline that has to do with home runs but this is England. They wouldn’t know a darn thing about baseball…

It appears home is where the Bond is…



Robocop is showing just how far we’ve come as a society. We used to have male police chiefs. Now we have women in charge.

Gina Carano, give that money back. Gender inequality is cured.

Anyways, the chief of police in Robocop will be played by Marianne Jean-Baptiste. Her character’s name is Karen Dean. I hope she really bosses Robocop around and acts like a hardass.

The Hangover III

It appears John Goodman may be joining The Hangover III. He’ll be a bit of a bad guy in the film, though likely in a glorified cameo role similar to Paul Giamatti’s role in The Hangover II.

I know I made this joke the other day, but it’s just sooo good I can’t resist making it again.

John Goodman is going to be in The Hangover III? To that I’ll say, “Good, man.”


Seven Psychopaths

Seven Psychopaths has EIGHT new posters. That doesn’t seem right. It should be seven. Seven for seven, right?

Well, sorta. There are seven individual posters, and one that’s a group shot. So it’s technically one for each, and one for the film I guess. But there isn’t one for the dog. Though the dog DOES show up in a few of the pictures as if the character is holding it, and yet if you look at the group shot you can see none of them is actually holding it. This is simply photoshop magic.

And that’s how movies are made, people!
[nggallery id=SevenPsychopathsaug17]

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