Movie news for Prometheus, The Avengers, Total Recall & More!

total-recall poster

Pics from Prometheus and Cabin in the Woods, a trailer for Lockout, a poster for Total Recall, and a couple new promo videos for The Avengers.


Prometheus has a few new pics from magazines, and they are kinda cool, or at least the one of Charlize Theron with a huge gun or possibly flamethrower is cool. I like the suits too. They’re pretty sweet.

There’s also some info on the possible rating for the film, as Ridley Scott has said he’s pushing for the darkest possible tone for the film, and while it makes economic sense to make it PG-13 he’d still like it to be R. So basically we’re going to probably get a watered down R rated film. Nuts.

Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods has a few new photos that showcase both the poor cabin dwellers and who I think are the behind the scenes people who are torturing them. Nothing terribly exciting, but still cool.


I like this trailer for Lockout because it really just admits to the funny, somewhat cliched premise. It just keeps looking better and better.

Total Recall

Total Recall is asking an interesting question: “What is real?”

Like, are Fruity Pebbles really made of fruit? Are Lucky Charms really lucky? Perhaps other questions of reality too, but mainly those about cereal.

The Avengers

The Avengers has a few new videos. The first is a bit of a recap of the various characters in the film, but the second has some new footage of Scarlett Johansson as The Black Widow. Guess which one I like more?

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