Movie news for Prometheus, The Avengers, Riddick & More!

GI Joe Storm Shadow
Storm Shadow will kick your butt.

Trailers for The Avengers and Savages, pics from Riddick, Moonrise Kingdom, GI Joe 2 and Prometheus, a film clip from The Amazing Spider-Man and a featurette for Total Recall.

The Avengers

I really like this The Avengers trailer because while it shows everyone, it focuses on Captain America being the leader of the group. I worry that Chris Evans can’t pull off the role, since he didn’t do a great job in the Captain America film, but at least it’s the right idea. I think the film will ultimately rest on his believability as Cap and I hope he does well.


Oliver Stone’s Savages has its first trailer, and it looks pretty good. Star Taylor Kitsch is having a heck of a year. Outside of John Carter bombing, that is. Between John Carter, the potential of Battleship and a major role in an Oliver Stone film he is clearly seen as the ‘next big thing’ in Hollywood. He might do well. He just might.

If Battleship doesn’t bomb and Savages gets good reviews. Otherwise his career is over.


It appears Riddick has finished principle photography, and to mark the occasion director David Twohy has put out this photo of himself with some the mercenaries in the film. Guess which one is him? Come on, guess.

Riddick has finished Principle Photography!
Photo commemorating the completion of Riddick

Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom has a new photo, and… WHAT THE HECK IS WITH THE GIRL IN THE MIDDLE? In pink. With the binoculars. Is she staring into my soul? IS SHE?

Moonrise Kingdom Photo for April 5
Look how quirky Moonrise Kingdom is in this photo!

GI Joe 2: Retaliation

GI Joe 2: Retaliation has a new photo of Storm Shadow, who is just a poor man’s Snake Eyes, and he has a gun. No doubt he just ninjad that dude, but I’m less than impressed. Snake Eyes would’ve done it without a gun.

GI Joe Storm Shadow
Storm Shadow will kick your butt.


Prometheus has a bunch of new photos today, and they really showcase how much better Ridley Scott is at Science Fiction than… everyone. These pics are frickin’ beautiful. Awesome.

Prometheus Michael Fassbender
Prometheus Michael Fassbender
Prometheus map
Prometheus map
Prometheus guy walking through smoke
Prometheus guy walking through smoke
Prometheus World in hands
The world is in my HANDS! - says someone Prometheus probably.
Prometheus Ship
The ship's name is Prometheus, like the movie!

The Amazing Spider-Man

Apparently ol’ Webhead gets into a bit of a scuffle as Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man. And Gwen Stacy is worried he might have a concussion. Girls are dumb.

Total Recall

I TOTALLY recall this film. Cause I have Total Recall. What was I saying?

Oh yeah, Jessica Biel looks hot even when she’s using words n’ stuff. Do you think she’d eat a banana while I watched?

For science.

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