Movie news for Premium Rush, The Bourne Legacy, Batman, Spider-Man & More!

Dark Knight Rises Poster
Dark Knight Rises Poster

New posters for The Dark Knight Rises and videos for The Amazing Spider-Man, Red Lights, Prometheus, Brave, Premium Rush and The Bourne Legacy.

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises has a couple new Spanish language posters, and this is sorta stupid. Everyone knows Batman doesn’t understand Spanish.

He’s probably standing there in his cape thinking, “I need to look menacing, because those fuckers are speaking gibberish and I’m going to look like an idiot. Uh oh. They stopped talking. Maybe they asked me a question. I should growl.


“Hmmm… they left. Mission… accomplished.”

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man has two new viral videos that show Dr. Curt Connors’ doing his video blog tracking the progress of his experiments. It’s actually quite cool, especially the first one, which shows him likely already after one of his transformations into The Lizard. Neat stuff.


Red Lights

Red Lights has a new trailer, and I think there’s actually a lot of potential in this film. I think there’s something going on between Sigourney Weaver’s Doctor Lady character and Robert Deniro’s Silver, though not in a romantic way necessarily. I think they have a past though, and I think the physicist role played by underrated Cillian Murphy could be really interesting, at least if they go the route of him tricking himself into believing, rather than having it be a real power from Silver.

Still, cool trailer.


Prometheus has 4 new film clips all collected in this one nice little YouTube video. How wonderful of them to put them all in one place. Anyways, the four clips cover various parts of the film. The first is of how the expedition has a different agenda than perhaps originally intended, and makes Charlize Theron look like a total bitch. The second clip gives you a bit more insight into the theme of the film. The third clip showcases Michael Fassbender’s robot character, David, being a little odd, perhaps setting off a chain of events that he shouldn’t have. The final clip shows Noomi Rapace clearly afraid and understanding that the shit just hit the fan. Whoops.

Premium Rush

Premium Rush has a new trailer that tries to make bike messengers out to be badasses, but they’re not nearly as cool as it makes them look. This movie is only going to be good because of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


Brave has a new film clip that is the ‘suitor scene’ or whatever you’ll call it. The main character of the film is a princess who’s supposed to get married regardless if she wants that, and her parents are going through the suitors to see if one is worthy. They aren’t.

The Bourne Legacy

The Bourne Legacy has one hell of a new trailer, and I’m still processing it so all I’ll say is that my nipples were WAY less hard a minute ago. WAY LESS.

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