Movie news for Hugo Cabret, Midnight in Paris, Harry Potter, and more!


A trailer for Midnight in Paris, a pic of Johnny Depp in Hugo Cabret, some X-Men pics from Empire, a new Harry Potter poster, and some pics from Warrior.

Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris is Woody Allen’s next movie, about a young American couple who visit Paris and discover some of the wonders about the city. Or, that’s what I THOUGHT it was about. Now I think it’s about Owen Wilson either going nuts or cheating on his wife. Or both. Anyways, here’s the new trailer for the film, which has officially bumped my excitement level from a 2 all the way up to an 8. Out of a hundred.

Hugo Cabret

Hugo Cabret is Martin Scorcese’s first 3D pic, and it’s a bit of a kid’s film, but since it’s Scorcese, it’ll probably be good. From the picture I can tell that Johnny Depp plays an artist/child molester who just had his way with those two kids. I may also be reading into painful memories from my childhood. Wouldn’t it be weird if I was reading into memories of YOUR childhood? Also, weird is on of the few words that does NOT follow the “i before e except after c’ rule. Weird.


X-Men: First Class is only a few short months away, and Empire magazine has all the latest deets. Deets are details, but in shorthand. I wonder if I should use shorthand, then explain the shorthand, then write rambling sentences about shorthand. It sorta defeats the purpose of shorthand.

Anyways, these photos from Empire magazine are from Obsessed with Film. It’s rare that I so blatantly take photos from another site, but since they scanned them, they get credit. One thing to note is how awesome January Jones’ rack looks. In the movie she can turn into diamond. Guess which part of me just turned hard as a diamond?

My peep. Peep is shorthand for… never mind.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is almost at an end. I haven’t read the book, so don’t ruin it for me, but my guess is that Voldemort wins. Here’s a poster. It apparently all ends here.


Warrior, the latest attempt by Hollywood to cash in on this MMA craze sweeping the nation, has two new photos out, showcasing the amazing acting skills of Tom Hardy. I wonder if the filmmakers know that UFC refs don’t wear bow ties?

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