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Trailers for The Smurfs 2, The Great Gatsby, Pain & Gain, and The Heat, a release date for Riddick, casting for X-Men: Days of Future Past, and a pic from Iron Man 3.

The Smurfs 2

The Smurfs 2 has a new trailer, and it gives the basics of the film, which appears to be about Smurfette getting into trouble. The bad guy, Gargamel, makes a couple white kids, who introduce Smurfette to bad things, and the idea is that she’ll have so much fun being bad that she’ll keep on being bad. So they give her drugs, right? That’s the point? That’s what I’d do. Give her drugs. Those are fun.

Then there’s Smurf rehab, Smurf teen pregnancy, Smurf relapse, and the CYCLE CONTINUES UNTIL OBAMA FINALLY TAKES A FIRM STANCE ON SMURF DRUG ABUSE.


The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby has a pretty great new trailer, this time showing a bit more of the story, and a little less of the cool parties and intense acting. One of my problems with the first trailer was that Jay Gatsby, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, didn’t seem quite so aloof, and I was worried that DiCaprio might be overplaying the part a little. Well, fortunately that doesn’t seem like it’s the case with this new trailer. AWESOME!

Pain & Gain

So, clearly Michael Bay is now gay. Right? That’s what this trailer for Pain & Gain means, right? NOT that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s fine by me, but seriously, that’s a lot of man meat. Not quite as I imagine there was in Magic Mike, but close enough. And man, Mark Wahlberg really did some steroids, huh?

The Heat

The Heat has a new Red Band trailer, and it’s thoroughly red band. There’s a lot of “Fuckers” in this. And many of them come from Melissa McCarthy, so I’m okay with it.


Riddick has been in production for a while now, and while there have been a few photos, mostly courtesy of Vin Diesel’s Twitter Account, there hasn’t been a trailer and the release date has been mostly nebulous. Well, that appears to be changing. Riddick is now set to be released on September 6, 2013. That’s quite a ways away, but I’m not too surprised. I think Diesel has been a little overzealous about his releasing of photos, but I’d guess some of that had to do with making sure to get financial backing. The film is getting made, but making sure there is some marketing in place will help it make moolah.

That’s money, but in cow speak. You’re welcome.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past‘s director, Bryan Singer, just announced, through his Twitter, that Hugh Jackman has joined the cast. Good news. Wolverine has been in every X-Men film to date, which is fairly accurate to the comics, where Wolverine is in about 93 different teams, along with Spider-Man. If either character is in an issue the sales have a noticeable jump, so they’re placed everywhere. Jackman is too popular to skip. Plus, the film is likely going to jump around in time a bit, so there will be opportunity to bring in Jackman without overshadowing the main stars James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. Singer hasn’t said how big of a role Jackman will play, but I’m guessing it’ll be a bit more than in First Class, but not a starring role. You never know though. Maybe Wolverine will travel back in time to warn young Professor X and Magneto of dangers to come. That would be cool.

Iron Man 3

Iron Man is apparently not going to have a good day in his next big screen appearance. Tony Stark and his sweet suit look pretty banged up in this new photo from the film. Interesting to note is that the suit appears to be the new one for the film, with more gold in it. Does this mean he wears the suit early in the film and has a more red version later? Does the Mandarin kick his ass even when he has a brand new, powered up suit? Many questions. Only one answer: Iron Man 3 looks badass.

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