Movie news for Ghostbusters 3, X-Men Prequel and a Dark Knight Rumor


Todays movie news has some groovy inside gossip on Ghostbusters 3, the X-Men Prequel and a Dark Knight Rumor that may shock you. So Shocking I can’t even tell you about it till you read the rest of this story….

Ghostbusters 3

Personally I am not interested in the new Ghostbusters movie, because I know they are going to destroy the franchise once and for all. Technically, Ghostbusters 2 already did that, but nothing great can come out of the sequel.

However, it was recently confirmed by Dan Akroyd that Anna Faris and Bill Hader are almost a lock for the lead characters. I don’t mind Faris playing the role of a hot dunce, so maybe the movie will be almost watchable, just maybe.

X-Men: First Class

The new X-Men movie will have Ray Wise in the movie now. Ray is playing the Secretary of State of the United States. You may, or may not recall Ray from his Robocop performance? No? Me either.

The Dark Knight Rises

Is Heath Ledger back? In the new Batman Movie, the rumor has resurfaced that Christopher Nolan is going to use unused footage and CGI to insert a Heath Ledger cameo into the movie. Creepy? Yeah, but still not Brokeback Mountain creepy. Right guys? Right? *high five*

More Tidbits

Ron Pearlman is out of The Hobbit


  1. Huge fan of Ghostbusters.If Dan Akroyd is having a part in this movie it probably will be a winner!

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