Movie news for Europa Report, The Hangover III, Anna Karenina & More!

warm bodies nov 12

Pics from The Hangover III, video from Anna Karenina, posters galore for The Host, Warm Bodies, Django Unchained and Movie 43, and the first teaser trailer for Europa Report.

The Hangover III

The Hangover III has a bunch of new photos that I assume director Todd Phillips made to poke fun at Instagram, cause there are some shit ass filters on these babies, and I love it.

And could SOMEONE tell Bradley Cooper to stop stealing my style? Sheesh. It’s not like I’ve spent my whole life developing the casual, cool look or anything. Sheesh.

[nggallery id=hangoverIIInov12]

Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina has a couple new interview videos with star Keira Knightley and director Joe Wright. It’s actually pretty cool to see them talk about their relationship and how they went about making this film, which looks absolutely awesome.

The Host

The Host has a horrible new poster.

Well, to be fair, it isn’t really horrible for a poster. It’s just that the film looks so unbelievably bad that I can’t help but associate horrible things with everything associated with it.

True story.

Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies has a new poster that makes me wish I were flowers.

Cause they’re on Teresa Palmer’s rack. Boobies. Knockers. Jugs. Hooters…

He breasts. And she’s pretty darn hot.

Django Unchained

Am I the only one, when I hear the word Django, think of the classic David Bowie song “Changes?”

D-D-D-Jango, Turn and face the jang, DDDJango, come on blah blah blah.


I do like the dead behind the eyes look that Jamie Foxx is sporting in this Django Unchained poster. Cool.

Movie 43

Movie 43 has a new poster, and if I didn’t know better I’d swear that image sorta looks like a lady’s body with a bikini on…

Oh, it is. Cool.

Europa Report

Were you hoping to see a bit more about the upcoming science fiction thriller Europa Report? Were you hoping to get some juicy plot details? Perhaps learn about the characters, premise and more?

Too bad. This teaser trailer gives you none of that.

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