Movie news for Drive, Bond, Argo and more!


Posters for Drive, Texas Killing Fields, Real Steel, and The Ides of March, Argo adds to its cast, and the possible title of the next James Bond!


Ben Affleck’s next film as a director is Argo, and he’s continuing casting. Affleck himself will play one role, while Alan Arkin and John Goodman have also already been added to the cast. Today comes word that Tate Donovan, Nelson Franklin and Taylor Schilling have also been added to the cast. Overall not a bad cast so far, although it doesn’t seem like anything special.


I’m honestly pretty excited for Drive, even though I figure it’ll be a pretty basic action film. It’s mainly due to my love of Carey Mulligan, but the film looks pretty cool. Hopefully Ryan Gosling can act like a tough guy. Cross your fingers.

Texas Killing Fields

I have little hope for Texas Killing Fields. It has a number of mid-level actors and it’s based on a true story, which usually means it isn’t as good as what you can imagine. For instance, I just wrote a detective novel with UNICORNS. Best idea ever? Heck yeah.

Real Steel

Real Steel started off looking really cool, then the second trailer hit and I saw there was a kid in it with a big role. Nuts. I do like Wolverine though. The tag line doesn’t make sense. ‘Courage is stronger than steel.’ Huh? It’s a robot. It doesn’t have courage. And adamantium is stronger than steel too. Is it as strong as courage? Stupid.

The Ides of March

The Ides of March is probably really pretentious and stupid. I say this because George Clooney is in it and it’s a political drama. I will say it’ll probably be better than Batman & Robin, but only just barely.

James Bond

Well, Sam Mendes and the produces of James Bond 23 have not taken my advice it seems. The next Bond film won’t be called Stankpussy. But it may be called Carte Blanche, which seems more likely, since it has a sorta international espionage feel. For those of you who are stupid, it means blank check, well technically it means check white (I think), but that name bodes well for a super violent Bond film. You know, cause he can do what he wants n’ stuff.

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