Movie news for Dredd, The Bourne Legacy, GI Joe and more!


Trailers for Happy Feet 2 and New Years Eve, pics from Dredd and Ghost Rider, and casting for Bourne and GI Joe.

Happy Feet 2

So Happy Feet 2, which is about Lobsters and sword fighting (or penguins, I can never remember) has a new trailer and poster. Also, Happy Feet is about what’s between my legs. Your mom calls it 2 HAPPY feet.

Cause my penis is big.

New Years Eve

So I can’t embed this New Years Eve trailer, so screw it. See it here. No funny for you!


More pics of Judge Dredd from… Dredd. That is one heck of a frown.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence is a reboot. The reboot stars Nicolas Cage, who starred in the first one. I love how nothing ever makes sense anymore. Here are some pics. Also, he is FLAMING!!!

The Bourne Legacy

So technically The Bourne Legacy isn’t a reboot, but it is a Bourne film without Bourne. Since it’s supposed to be the same world as the other Bourne films, Joan Allen and Albert Finney have both joined to cast to play their parts from the previous films. I guess this is a good thing. They’re both fine actors. I hope that the next Bourne film after this one has Renner Vs. Damon. Two men enter. One man leaves.

GI Joe 2

GI Joe 2 has cast Joseph Mazzello to play Mouse. Mazzello was last seen (by me at least) in the HBO series The Pacific. He is probably awesome for the role. I care not.

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