Movie news for Dredd, Oz the Great and Powerful, Batman & More!

Total Recall Poster
Total Recall Poster

Set footage and a trailer from Oz The Great and Powerful, a poster/featurette for Total Recall, pics from Arrested Development and Noah, and film clips from The Dark Knight Rises and Dredd.

Oz the Great and Powerful

Oz the Great and Powerful has a new behind the scenes video with interviews of stars Mila Kunis and James Franco. Kunis plays a witch who doesn’t trust Franco’s Oz, or Oscar Diggs, a magician who is mistaken for a powerful wizard. Same thing happened to me the other day at the park.

Granted, I was dressed like Gandalf and I was standing in the middle of the monkey bars telling kids trying to have fun, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS.”

But still, I’m not a wizard and I think it’s racist that they thought that.

The film also finally has a trailer, and I have to say it looks really fake and CGI’d like mad. I prefer the magic of the original, with actual sets n’ such. This doesn’t feel like The Wizard of Oz.

Total Recall

Total Recall has a new featurette that first gives a bit of background into the world the film takes place in, both in general and personally for the main characters.

I love that Kate Beckinsale says she’s never played a villain before. BULLSHIT. Did anyone else see Serendipity? VILLAIN.

Total Recall Poster
Total Recall Poster

Arrested Development


Okay, this isn’t movie news, but they’re really making new episodes of Arrested Development!!!

There’s now proof, as there are pictures from the writers’ room, and Jason Bateman has stated that they’ve been filming episodes for about a month now. YES YES YES YES YES.
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I guess Darren Aronofsky is actually going to build an ark for Noah. Wouldn’t it be interesting if he was hearing the voice of God, and he’s just pretending to build the boat for the film, when in actuality it’s for surviving the coming flood?

But then it turns out he’s wrong about the nature of God’s wraith, and really it’s going to be the animals turning on us, and now he’s trapped in a boat with two of every species?

And he’s like Dr. Doolittle and can talk to them?


Noah's Ark
Noah’s Ark

The Dark Knight Rises

There are two new Dark Knight Rises film clips today, one that has essentially been shown repeatedly in the trailers, with Selena Kyle talking to Bruce Wayne, though in the clip today she also mentions his weiner.

The other clip is Morgan Freeman’s Lucius Fox showing Mr. Wayne some new toyes, including the Bat.

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Dredd has a new film clip that’s both super brutal and sorta artsy. LIKE ME. The basic premise of the film is that there’s a drug that causes people to experience a slowed down perception of time. In this clip you can see it does NOT make them bullet proof.

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