Movie news for Django, Underworld, We Bought a Zoo & More!


New trailers for Underworld, Project X, 21 Jump Street, and We Bought a Zoo, a new logo for The Evil Dead, and casting for Django Unchained.

Underworld: Awakening

Underworld: Awakening doesn’t look half bad, but that’s because it seems like a reboot of the series, but still with Kate Beckinsale. I want Michael to be in the film though. Their love was supposed to last forever. FOREVER.

Project X

So Todd Phillips, the director of The Hangover, has produced a comedy about a high school party gone awry. I’m honestly not impressed by the trailer though. Sure, it gets crazy, but where’s the heart, man? MAN?

21 Jump Street

I’m not kidding when I say this, but the impossible has happened. 21 Jump Street looks worse than I thought it would. WORSE.

We Bought A Zoo

On the plus side, he only bought ONE zoo. I have two. That’s twice as whack. WHACK. Oh, but here’s a new trailer for We Bought a Zoo, and it lets us all remember that Scarlett Johannson is super duper hot. Which I know you forgot. FORGOT. (guess what my thing today is)

The Evil Dead

So there’s going to be a remake of The Evil Dead, which sucks, cause I thought there was going to be a new Evil Dead, directed by Sam Raimi. Nuts. Here’s the logo. The worst part is that Diablo Cody did a rewrite of the script, so it’ll fuck ass. ASS.

Django Unchained

Django Unchained has cast rapper RZA, which I assume rhymes with zipper for some reason. He’ll play Thaddeus, a slave on the plantation where Jamie Foxx’s badass black cowboy is going to kick some ass. ASS. (ooo, I did two of those in a row! Award for me? Yes. I deserve it.)

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