Movie news for Die Hard, Iron Man 3, Warm Bodies & More!

iron man 3 dec 27

A TV Spot for Die Hard, trailer for Into the Wonder, a film clip from Mama (sorta) and a real clip from Warm Bodies, a featurette on John Dies at the End, and a pic of sorts from Iron Man 3.

A Good Day to Die Hard

A Good Day to Die Hard has a new TV spot, and it really doesn’t show anything new, but it does reinforce that the film is about John McClane and his son Jack kicking ass. So that should be fun.

To the Wonder

To the Wonder has a new international trailer, and it’s very interesting, more so than the American trailer, which was already really cool. It seems like Malick is doing something with spinning and circles, and possibly making Olga Kurylenko into somewhat of a childlike figure, always dancing n’ such, but the film looks pretty good.

Plus I think we’ll get to see Kurylenko naked. Sweet.


Well, I didn’t feel like sleeping soundly tonight anyways. Basically, we have a look at the short film that inspired Mama, and which Guillermo Del Toro, the producer, felt was one of the scariest scenes he’d ever seen on film. The scene is really suspenseful, and considering how freaked out I am by the trailers (for reals, baby), I actually had to pause the clip partway through and turn on another light in the room to help me be less scared. I still shit my pants, but it wasn’t quite so bad.

Cause the light was on.

Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies has the first four minutes online, and it does a great job of both entertaining and giving us a feel for the tone of the film. I have to say, while I didn’t outright laugh too many times during this 4 minute film clip, I did thoroughly enjoy it, and that’s saying quite a bit. I expect to be a big fan of this movie when it comes out February 1, 2013.

John Dies at the End

John Dies at the End has a new featurette that explains the origin of the film, as well as the tone and basic premise of the movie, which is that two slackers take a drug called Soy Sauce, and it allows them to travel between dimensions, at which point they presumably have some adventures and I think at some point they come up against something big and bad and that they can’t deal with.

And that’s the film.

Iron Man 3

Anyone who’s worried that Iron Man 3 will be too dark should take a look at this picture. I think they’re capturing the spirit of Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark just fine. This is his Christmas card. Cool.

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