Movie news for Diana, Batman, Resident Evil, the Hobbit & More

Princess Diana
Princess Diana

Pics from Diana and Resident Evil: Retribution, Hobbit production news, new trailers for Taken 2 and Lawless, a poster for The Expendables 2 and a TV Spot for The Dark Knight Rises!


There were a few behind the scenes pics the other day from Diana, which was called Caught in flight, but as Naomi Watts is a dead ringer for Princess Diana they just decided to focus the whole darn thing on her. And that’s good, cause she really does look like Princess Di.

I feel like I shouldn’t have said ‘dead ringer.’ Seems like a classless move on my part. Whoopsie daisy.

Princess Diana
Princess Diana

Resident Evil: Retribution

Resident Evil: Retribution eases your fears. Yes, the film will have guns. The people will look cool with those guns.

That is all.
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The Hobbit

It appears principle photography for the two upcoming Hobbit films has completed. The first, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, finished a little while back, but as they’re filming both movies at the same time, this is the official end of The Hobbit films in production. No doubt there’ll be a few reshoots, as this stuff always happens, but they’ve at least completed filming these megamovies.

Now they can start the dance competition!

I hope Frodo picks me! I’m a bit of a wallflower, but when the boogie begins I can NOT be contained.

Hobbit Ends Production
Hobbit Ends Production

Taken 2

After this Taken 2 international trailer, can we all just agree that for Taken 3 Liam Neeson should just lock his wife and daughter in a room and tell them to NEVER LEAVE CAUSE THESE CHICKS GET TAKEN ALL THE DAMN TIME.

So he’ll be the one doing the taking next time!


Lawless has a lot of things going for it. Tom Hardy. Guy Pearce. Guns.

But it also has something going AGAINST it that undoes all the cool good stuff. Shia LaBeouf. FUCK HIM.

The worst thing to ever hit movies is Mr. LaBeouf. Watch this new trailer for Lawless and you’ll get that joke. It wasn’t funny…

The Expendables 2

Want to know what a poster of all the coolest action heroes ever would look like? Well, too bad because that’s in my dream journal. No Segal, no awesome.

As a consolation, here’s a new poster for The Expendables 2.

Expendables Poster
Expendables Poster

The Dark Knight Rises

This new TV Spot for The Dark Knight Rises focuses on the IMAX side of things. I don’t remember Batman Begins being a big IMAX film, though I know The Dark Knight was, so maybe when they say “It all started in IMAX” and blah blah blah, they actually mean THIS film will start and end with IMAX action sequences. That makes sense to me.

And I seriously barely blinked through the whole TV Spot. This movie is going to be awesome.

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