Movie news for Batman, Superman, The Hunger Games & More!


New pics from The Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel, The Hunger Games, Mirror Mirror and Dark Shadows, and a film clip from The Woman in Black.

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises has a bunch of new pics, although they don’t really show anything we’ve yet to see, although I do like the stare down between Batman and Bane. Although worth noting is some of what director Chris Nolan and his brother Jonah, who wrote the screenplay, had to say about Bane’s voice. Basically they said that when you see the entire film you’ll be able to understand him a lot better. People may struggle with his dialogue right now, but it isn’t an issue in the finished product.

That’s pretty much what I figured.
[nggallery id=darkknightjan12]

Man of Steel

There’s a new pic of a pickup truck from Man of Steel, and I’m pretty sure what it’s saying is that Superman would kick Optimus Prime’s ass! I’m not sure if this is Superman’s work, or Zod’s, but it’s a cool visual regardless.

The Hunger Games

Look! It’s Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games! Umm… Great! Yeah, this is nothing really worth noting.

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror has a few behind the scenes photos today, and they really showcase how pretty Lily Collins is. Not bad. I’d hit that.
[nggallery id=mirrormirrorjan12]

Dark Shadows

Johnny Depp is TOTALLY a super Goth vampire in this pic from Dark Shadows! Also, this is essentially what I looked like in 11th Grade. Except I didn’t have that fabulous shirt!

The Woman in Black

For some reason I kept thinking this film is called “The Lady in Black,” when it’s The Woman in Black. True story.

Anyways, here’s a film clip that shows Harry Potter sitting at a desk, chillin’, and he doesn’t loosen his collar. The sleeves are rolled up, but the collar is STILL buttoned. Also, why does the ghost lady have a shadow? Shouldn’t she BE a shadow?

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