Movie News for Bad Teacher, Source Code, Sucker Punch, and more!


A surprisingly good trailer for Bad Teacher, new trailers for Sucker Punch and Source Code, an Arthur poster, and the director of the comic book adaptation of Preacher is announced!

Bad Teacher

Bad Teacher has a Red Band trailer, and it’s actually pretty good. This is the first time in quite a while that I’ve wanted to see a Cameron Diaz movie. It’s nice to see her doing a raunchy comedy again.

Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch has a new trailer, which I’ve read billed as the music video trailer. The music if Silversun Pickups, and it’s a remix of one of their songs, and the trailer, while pretty, is kinda pointless. I enjoyed it. Pointless is my middle name. Actually, it’s James, but that’s Gaelic for pointless.


Another poster for the Russell Brand monstrosity Arthur is out, and it’s essentially the same thing as the previous poster, but it adds in his love interest, played by Greta Gerwig. So hot. Not the actress (actually, she is sorta hot). Just her name. Greta. I want her to wear a German milkmaid’s uniform and ‘churn some butter.’ That wasn’t a double entendre. I have a thing for butter. I’m currently covered in margarine. It’s too early for full on butter. What am I, some sort of weirdo?


Hollywood has been trying to adapt Preacher for a long time. There has been talk of movies, TV series, and… well, it’s really just those two possible options, but two things isn’t much of a list. Anyways, I Am Number 4 and Eagle Eye director DJ Caruso has signed on to make the big screen version of Preacher. The story follows a preacher (shocking) who is possessed by a supernatural creature that is the offspring of a love affair between an angel and a demon. The creature gives him the ability to force anyone who hears his voice to do what he says. The comic is a series of events that culminate with him confronting God and the Saint of Killers, who is a badass. It could definitely be a cool movie, although they’ll have to cut a lot, even if they make a couple of films. There’s also a vampire and a secret society, and Garth Ennis came up with the general premise behind The DaVinci Code before Dan Brown, but it’s a pretty basic idea that’s probably been around for a long time anyways. So… yeah. I’m excited, as I just saw I Am Number 4 and was surprised by how much it didn’t suck, so there’s potential here. Caruso has been trying to adapt other comics before, such as Y: The Last Man, but this one looks like it might happen.

Source Code

Source Code has a new trailer, it doesn’t look half bad, but it does star Jake Gyllenhaal, so it should be a turd sandwich. With time travel.

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