Movie news for Bad Teacher, Elysium, X-Men, Jane Eyre, and more!


New video for Bad Teacher, Limitless, Red Riding Hood, and Jane Eyre, as well as posters for X-Men, Bad Teacher (again!), and an Elysium cast member is announced.

Bad Teacher

Cameron Diaz’s dirty comedy Bad Teacher, which had an exceptional first trailer (which was sadly red band, so I doubt any underaged kids saw it online, since they see that red band at the beginning and say, “We can’t watch this! It wouldn’t be right! Lets eat smores and read the Bible and play innocent games.”) now has a new trailer, this time green band, so you’re allowed, little dudes. Also, there’s a poster. And it seems dirty. Dirty.


There are a bunch of film clips from Limitless online. In fact, there are so many I’m only going to show you a few. Enjoy, but don’t enjoy them too much. I’d rather you only enjoy them a bit, cause life isn’t about uncontrolled joy. It’s about pop tarts and monkey bars. Think on that. If you can’t figure it out, then you probably need one of those pills Bradley Cooper takes in Limitless. Oh, and there are 9 total videos, which is too many for my lazy backside to post here, so you can find them all on the main preview page here. High five for checking it out, bro.

Red Riding Hood

A few film clips from Red Riding Hood are also online. Man, there are a ton of these too. Screw it. Just enjoy this one. Then go to the main page for the rest. The film looks amazing. Or at least it would if you consider Twilight to be fine art.

Jane Eyre

Here’s a Featurette for Jane Eyre, starring Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender. Admittedly, I have a hard time relating to the character, since I never err. Get it? It’s a homonym with the titular character’s last name! Or, I never arrive anywhere ere I should. That’s Shakespeare talk for ‘before.’ Lesson over. Class dismissed.

Wait! Class not over. Still more news.


There’s a couple new, and admittedly crappy posters for X-Men: First Class, as well as a production photo of Havoc. The pic of Havoc is pretty cool, what with the fire and what not.


Neil Blomkamp’s Elysium has cast Wagner Moura as the villian. The film sounds a lot like District 9, which is a good thing, since that rocked. The story takes place in the future, on a distant planet. There are all the trappings of an action film, but with sociopolitical ideas that likely reflect our times and will cause you to consider (for about five minutes) if maybe your place isn’t so good in this crazy world. Maybe you need to be a better person. For sure, right? Totally. Yeah. Bro.

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