Movie news for American Reunion, The Dark Knight Rises & More!


New trailers for American Reunion and Shame, pics from The Dark Knight Rises, casting for Les Miserables, and a poster for Contraband.

American Reunion

So… American Reunion is happening, and it looks like the fun ride we’ve all been waiting for. Except… for the fun. This is a ride… straight to hell. Those three sentences should’ve taken you… 20 minutes to read.


This new movie trailer for Shame is pretty decent, and the heavy breathing makes me think of doing it, which is likely the point, so it doubles down on the me liking it stuff. Oh, wait. Carey Mulligan is in it, so it TRIPLES down. I’d like to do her over again. Get it? CAUSE HER NAME IS MULLIGAN.

The Dark Knight Rises

Matthew Modine has found panties. National crisis… averted. Why is Matthew Modine holding panties on the set of The Dark Knight Rises? Clearly because this film is making me all wet. And I threw my panties at him.

Cause they were wet. Never mind. No doubt this’ll make sense in context.

Les Miserables

Les Miserables has cast Eddie Redmayne as Marius. Redmayne is likely on his way to stardom, especially with his leading role in My Week with Marilyn. He’s the dude who spends a week with Marilyn Monroe, so he’s the “My” in the title. Uh… anyways, he’s in Les Miserables.

And he has an awesome last name. Redmayne. It’s like a superhero!


Mark Wahlberg’s latest kinda boring action flick, Contraband, has a new poster, and it is sweet like honey. Honey that’s gone bad and attracted bears. And bees.

I mean I don’t care for it.

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