Movie news for American Reunion, Star Wars and more!


Trailers for Albert Nobbs and American Reunion, a poster for Star Wars, casting for The Dark Knight Rises, The Lone Ranger may actually ride, and the director for Thor 2 is confirmed.

Albert Nobbs

Albert Nobbs, for a film about a lady dressed as a dude who is a butler, actually looks pretty good. I think it’s about lesbians in a time when that wasn’t sexy.

American Reunion

I think the American Pie movies are essentially film versions of “Everybody Poops” except about masturbation. This is just lazy.

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Since George Lucas gave away half of his money and wants it back, he’s releasing the Star Wars films in 3D. First up is Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, and here’s a trailer. Who else can’t wait for Jar Jar Binks in 3D? No one?

The Dark Knight Rises

Though filming has been ongoing for some time now, The Dark Knight Rises has just cast Rob Brown in an undisclosed role. Black Robin, perhaps? Probably not. But it would totally freak out fanboys.

The Lone Ranger

Well, it appears that after halting production on The Lone Ranger Disney has changed their minds and will now allow the film to start shooting in February. Essentially, director Gore Verbinski was able to cut some of the reportedly massive budget. So we’ll see Native American Johnny Depp after all. I suppose that’s cool.

Thor 2

The rumor that Patty Jenkins, director of Monster, will be directing Thor 2 has now been confirmed. Not bad. I feel that Marvel made a ballsy move with Kenneth Branagh directing Thor, and going with another critically successful director who isn’t known for action might work out.

Then again, she did make Charlize Theron ugly. For shame.

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