Movie New for The Wolverine, Superman, Super, and Harry Potter!


A clip from Super, Harry Potter behind the scenes, Superman casting, Thor posters, a terrible Fast Five poster, bad Preacher news, and even worse Wolverine news. It’s not shaping up to be a good Friday.


Here’s a film clip from Super, starring Dwight from The Office. Not what I was expecting, and yet, awesome. This should ease the pain of the later news.

Harry Potter

As you all know, Harry Potter is coming to an end this summer. Since it’ll likely be billed as the movie event of a generation, there’s already a behind the scenes thing online that aired last night on ABC Family. I mentioned this a few days ago, but I know most of you are busy enjoying Canada and didn’t watch it. I’m sure someday they’ll have ABC Family in the ol’ great White North, or whatever you call your joke of a country.


Superman: The Man of Steel has finally announced that Kevin Costner will be in the film, and he’ll be playing Pa Kent. So Superman’s parents are Diane Lane and Kevin Costner. So Superman will be a combination of Oedipus and retarded (see what I did there? I made it seem like Costner’s spawn is retarded. ZING!)


Two international poster for Thor have come out today, and they look pretty cool, except for the tag line. “Courage is Immortal.” Let me guess, cause Thor is immortal, right? You know what else is immortal? Love. Love is immortal. I’m looking at you, Natalie Portman.

Fast Five

This is stupid. A new Fast Five poster is up. It looks terrible.


DJ Caruso has mentioned some possible casting for his upcoming adaptation of Preacher. Caruso wants the new Captain Kirk, Chris Pine for the role of Jesse Custer, Shia LaBeouf for Arseface, and his I Am Number Four star Alex Pettyfer for the Saint of Killers. I had been excited for the film, until I realized he was going to make it as a knockoff of The Vampire Diaries. Maybe LaBeouf for Arseface, but the rest are terrible. TERRIBLE. This movie is going to suck. Suck hard.


One of my most anticipated movies, The Wolverine, has lost director Darren Aronofsky. He was the only reason I had hope for this film. It will now be absolutely terrible now. I had hope for a Chris Nolan on Batman level film, and now we’ll probably end up with something like the first solo Wolverine film. Man, this is depressing. Aronofsky stated that his reasoning for dropping out is that the film would be shot overseas and he didn’t want to be away from his family for that long. TAKE THEM WITH YOU. I hear Japan’s really nice this time of year…

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